Blueys Retreat: Changing the Face of Your Holiday

Melissa Clark | August 27, 2018 | 0 | Hotels & Travel

If you are a traveler with a quiet, green, natural environment in mind, then you cannot afford to miss the opportunity to have your holiday at the Seal Rocks Accommodation resort. Popularly known as Blueys Retreat, this facility is located in a posh, natural environment that will leave you refreshed and energized, ready to face your duties with renewed momentum. For several years now, Seal Rocks Holiday Accommodation has been offering countless number of guests a rewarding holiday environment with facilities and service that are second to none in the entire region. Ranking as a four-star facility, Blueys Resort offers the best in accommodation and dining and customer service.

seal rocks holiday accommodation

The Resort:

Set in a quiet, natural environment, Seal Rocks Holiday Accommodation retreat overlooks a lagoon, one of the must-watch coastal features that drive many visitors to this unique facility. Aside from its natural environment, you will be amazed at the heated spas by the poolside, a full-size synthetic grass tennis court, where you can have some lessons or get into action with a pro player. With only 5 minutes stroll, you can dip your feet in the clear waters of Bueys Beach, or relax at the white sands to enjoy the sun.


Most visitors to Seal Rocks Accommodation find it a great, luxurious place to stay. Accommodation is the main point of focus for any holiday facility and here you can only expect the best. Only 3 hours drive from Sydney, you can wake up to a green village away from the usual hustle and bustle of the CBD. The rooms are set in three different categories namely Heron, Rosella and Robin. Heron and Rosella are 3-bedroom, self-contained with all the modern amenities you can think of such as gas barbeque, laundry machine, modern bathrooms, private parking and many others. These stand-alone accommodation facilities can accommodate up to six guests. The Robin is a two-bedroom facility with all the modern amenities just like the others. The only difference is the size as it can accommodate up to four guests.


This is another concern for many travelers regardless of destination. In this regard, Holiday Accommodation Pacific Palms and the Seal Rocks Holiday Accommodation Resort have set their accommodation rates to suit the varying needs of their visitors. At the Seal Rocks Accommodation Resort, you can get accommodation at the rate you are comfortable with. As a visitor, you should plan your visit in a manner that will enable you to spend less without compromising the quality of your holiday. The rates vary from standard, high season to midyear, Christmas and last minute deals. The standard rates cost about $190 per night per person, with the highest being $400 per night per person.


Visiting Seal Rocks Holiday Accommodation from Blueys Retreat will allow you to experience some of the best holiday activities of your life. In its unique, tranquil village environment, you can enjoy your breakfast while watching birds of different species, take a walk to the game parks, or watch Dolphins and Whales in their natural habitat. In the fully stocked mini library, you can relax with a book on the veranda, or surf the internet for a valuable piece of information. To learn more, please visit

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