Easy Ways to Promote a Restaurant

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Want to generate new customers for your restaurant? Try these easy but effective restaurant promotion ideas!

Optimize Online Presence

To make it easier to promote your restaurant, you need to build a website. The website should provide information about your restaurant, type of cuisine, menu and location. In fact, you could set up a system that will allow online bookings or reservations.

Promote on Social Media

Once you have your website set up, you can create social media accounts too. This is how you promote your website and share information relating to your restaurant. If possible, share photos about your dishes and weekly specials to get your prospect customers to be curious.

Offer Promos and Discounts

One of the best types of restaurant promotion is through discount and special offers. You can offer discounts via loyalty cards or offer specials for large groups. This is a simple step to reward your customers for patronizing your business.

Update Your Menu Regularly

This is a simple step to get new and old customers to get excited about your restaurant. Make sure to keep your menu fresh and updated regularly. You can also offer complimentary drinks.

How to Satisfy a Restaurant Guest

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The restaurant business is tough. You need to offer good food and quality customer service if you want a restaurant guest to return.

Food Quality First

If you’re a restaurant owner, the food is the number one priority in your business. If you have good food, it won’t be difficult to convince your guest to dine again.

Friendly Staff

Good food and friendly staff is a winning combo if you want to satisfy a restaurant guest. You should make your customers feel welcomed in your restaurant. For business owners, do properly train your staff to wait and offer quality customer service.

Reward Customers

You can set up a loyalty program that rewards your customers for patronizing your business. For example, they can get a discount after a certain number of visits, or a freebie.

Encourage Feedback

Show your customers that you care about their opinion by gathering their feedback after every dining experience. It also gives you the opportunity to bring your customer service to the next level. After all, you are in the business of pleasing people with your food and service. Use this opportunity to turn a bad experience around.

The Finest Destination for French Cuisine in Bangkok

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When people go to a restaurant, they are not just looking to eat but also for an experience. It is a known fact that if eating was the only objective, most people could just stay at home and cook their own food. A lot of the time, when people go to a restaurant, they probably are trying to have a new experience or maybe they are treating their loved ones to a special treat and there is no better place to do it than in a French restaurant at the heart of Bangkok serving some scrumptious delights. The Thais have a great cuisine and people love sampling these in the restaurants where they are given more than just a good meal but also a great experience. If you want to try out something a little exotic such as the French cuisine, you can have it at the Savelberg French Restaurant Bangkok venue which is known for its delicious treats too.

The Savelberg French Restaurant Bangkok destination is a popular one with both the locals and the foreign tourists and visitors who want to sample the delights of French cuisine. As a global emerging city, Bangkok is host to people from all walks of life. It is a very cosmopolitan city and a melting point of different cultures of the world. These people are mostly adventurers and quite open minded people that like to try new things. As such, there has been a growing demand for new and exotic culinary options with French being at the forefront. While there are some others that provide French food, Savelberg French restaurant Bangkok has received glowing reviews mostly because of the French foods and atmosphere that it provides patrons coupled with the Dutch touch that make the restaurant ever so special.

The founder of Savelberg French restaurant Bangkok is an accomplished chef that has served in more than four restaurants in his home country. He is therefore highly knowledgeable about tastes and preferences when it comes to both French and Dutch foods and is therefore in an enviable position where he can create a perfect blend of the two. The Savelberg Bangkok is his first restaurant outside his home country. He already has a lot of incredible exposure to an international clientele. The restaurant is aware of the varied and distinguished clientele that it serves and is therefore able to package its services and products to suit this international clientele.

The restaurant management recognizes that it takes simple and little things like the way the table and plate are set up or even the interior decor of the restaurant to set it apart from others and provide its clients with a truly special and unique experience. The management therefore endeavors to leave no stone unturned to ensure that customers leave the restaurant having had a great experience that will make them go back for more. The French cuisine is blended with Dutch cuisine to provide fantastic hybrid experiences not available anywhere else. The chefs, waiters, waitresses and the barmen are all very professionally trained to provide the best customer experience. Their friendly and warm nature is one of the things that makes this restaurant one of the highly rated restaurants in Bangkok.

Savelberg French restaurant Bangkok ensures that the food is priced very fairly while not compromising the quality. This makes the restaurant a bargain for the good price of quality French cuisine.

Notable Japanese Restaurants

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Bangkok has a pretty eclectic mix of cuisines to suit the dining preference of its locals and tourists. The Thai cuisine in itself is recognized worldwide and is one of the most famous cuisines in the world. However, if you are in search of a good Japanese restaurant in Bangkok (for the big sushi lovers out there), then you will realize that there are plenty to choose from. Indeed, Bangkok is a haven for all things sushi and more that Japanese food lovers will come to enjoy.

If you have the budget to splurge a bit on your sushi craving, head to HonMono Sushi in Thonglor Soi. They are open all days of the week so you can visit anytime you want to. The restaurant is best known for their Take Sashimi Platter wherein you can get seven assorted types of sashimi. Aside from the large serving, they are also noted for the quality of the dishes served.

Another local favorite in Bangkok is Sushi Tsukiji. It earned its reputation as a good Japanese restaurant in Bangkok because of their no-nonsense approach to making sushi. If you ever happen to visit this restaurant in Bangkok, do not forget to try their sashimi and sushi. Do not expect for an ultra grand ambiance, though. The food is the main reason people come here.

Meanwhile at Tororo, the minimalist décor is no indication of the grandeur that their sushi selection has to offer. The man behind the restaurant’s delicious sushi is the former head chef at Miyatake. Thus, you can expect world class quality sushi and a variety that will excite your taste buds. From uni to beef to foie gras, you can sample a wide range of sushi options.

If you want to dine at a Japanese restaurant that is a bit more cozy, Isao takes the cake as one of Bangkok’s best kept dining secret. The owners of this restaurant were trained by a sushi master and have therefore passed that onto their menu. Their famous sushi sandwich is not the only reason people flock here day in and day out. Their sushi bar will excite any Japanese lover’s palate with selections including ebi shrimp, white crab meat sushi, and many more.

Another one to add to your list is Mugendai. The restaurant claims to get fresh supply of meat five days a week. Hence, fresh and quality ingredients are what you can expect to find while dining here. In addition, it is situated in an ideal location that provides easy access to other hip spots in Bangkok.

If you want the best of the best, there is no better place to go to than Kisso. The restaurant boasts itself as not just being a good Japanese restaurant in Bangkok but the best. The menu features a combination of classical and staple Japanese favorites combined with a modern touch. The ambiance in itself also contributes to the whole dining experience by providing a homey and warm setting for its guests.