Styles Available in Designer Engagement Rings

Melissa Clark | September 26, 2018 | 0 | Business Services

An engagement ring is universally known to be a symbol of love, commitment and admiration. It, however, means more than that as it symbolizes personal style and is a reflection of a one’s personality. An engagement ring should also be able to coax your partner to say yes with admiration, conviction and enthusiasm. Finding the right ring to adorn one’s finger that expresses all emotions and personal style can be very frustrating. Not to worry, however, as  there are various designer engagement rings  available nowadays to satisfy that need. Contrary to previous notions that they are only for celebrities, couples today are opting for them due to their sophistication, elegance and ability to communicate volumes about what a person feels. Here are different styles to help in the selection of the perfect ring for your partner.

Classic Solitaire Setting

The diamond in this style of ring usually sits at the center with no additions on the sides to accentuate the center diamond. They are usually designed to complement and draw attention to the solitary diamond. This style of ring is perfect for a traditional but elegant type of person. It’s also a safe choice when you are not sure what your partner likes.

Halo Setting

This type of design usually has the diamond set up higher with a circle of stones around the middle diamond for a bigger look. This type of ring is for outgoing personalities who love a touch of glamour. You can easily find one that matches your girl’s unique style and fashion sense.

Vintage Engagement Rings

These are antique jewelry styles that draw attention from older styles of jewelry. The ring setting in this style pays attention to details. They incorporate details of scroll work designs, mill grain and filigree. The band is very pretty and delicate. They are the best choice for hopeless romantics. Princess cut diamonds are the best with this design.

Organic Elements

Bezel and thin frames work best with this style. It incorporates organic elements in setting e.g. depictions of leaves and flowers. They are the perfect choice for outdoor and nature lovers. Not only that, if you are choosing this type of ring for an active woman, simply consider a setting where the diamond is held lower to the hand.

Contemporary Style

These are very trendy and posh rings. They are very modern looking with diamond accents scattered all over the width of the band. They are good for fashion lovers and those that like keeping up with modern trends. Accenting rings with rubies, sapphires and small diamonds around the main stone diamond give the ring a dash of color and sophistication.

Inscription Rings

Inside the band inscription is a trend that has really picked up in designer engagement rings in the recent past. Not only is it sweet but also a very personal gesture. The inscriptions can be of the day you met or something you both like.

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, it is important that you go the extra mile to adorn your partner with something that complements their personality, personal style and is symbolic of your affection and admiration for them. The high quality and unique designs of engagement rings are guaranteed to last a lifetime and the fact that they can be individualized are among the other things that make designer engagement rings widely recognized and appreciated.

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